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What does this mean?

It means Hollis here for you and your neighbor for YOU and YOUR NEIGHBOR.
For 35 years Hollis has welcomed our Kansas City community regardless of age, race, sex, religion or income level, and maintain that all people deserve access to affordable time and space apart

Yet as you know, everything costs more these days.  We spend more to fill our gas tanks, closets and refrigerators. And Hollis is no different.  

The gap between Hollis income and expenditures continues to widen and we need your help to close it.  

Why not raise your rates? Everyone else has!

You are right…we could raise our rates. We could double the cost to attend day camp, stay at the Hideaway or use the Lodge and some of our guests would not blink an eye.
However, the mission of Hollis is to extend Christian hospitality to ALL and we do this by warmly welcoming those who enter our gates and by providing AFFORDABLE retreat spaces for ALL.

Affordable for ALL is a tricky thing.  
Some guests are astounded at the suggested minimum use donation, as in their estimation it is low; however, for many others our rates are barely affordable at all.

This is why we are a donation for use facility
We provide a suggested minimum donation amount and offer our guests the opportunity to provide for the next guest by increasing their gift. Many of our guests generously give more than asked and for that we are grateful, but it is not enough.

We need your help to close the gap and enable us to not only welcome guests but also welcome them to a place that is functional & safe.

As we embark on our 35th year of ministry here in Bonner Springs, we are tasked with ensuring Hollis is sufficiently prepared to welcome the stranger for years to come.  Since 2020 we have been working on renovations and repairs in all of our facilities. Fortunately, we have a dedicated group of volunteers willing to provide the brains, brawn and technical skill to complete needed projects; yet supplies still require capital.

So today, we are humbly asking you to consider a gift to Hollis Center, to complete needed work,
and prepare Hollis to welcome all who need a space for rest and retreat, regardless of their financial circumstances.

We are also asking you to consider giving monthly, as these automated donations are an excellent way to ensure Hollis is prepared to a welcome all…regardless of the time of year.

Thank you for your consideration and support.

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Thank you for your consideration and donations!

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